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Our client’s problem: large pine branches hanging above the house. Click on the photos to enlarge.

The solution: branches trimmed back to the trunk and, here, turned into a nice pile of firewood. 

Here, the client’s problem was a large, dead pine tree situated on the boundary of – and overhanging – a house and a block of flats.

The solution: complete removal of the tree (seen here looking down on the house and flats pictured above) piece by piece, the large sections cut into rounds ready for splitting.

Here, our client’s apricot tree, while full-grown, had unfortunately never fruited. It did, however, make first-class firewood and a good store of brush for the pizza oven (right).

IMG_3945Here, the client’s issue was a pair of pohutukawa trees, one touching the roof, both shading the north side of the house – and spoiling a lovely view.

IMG_3949The solution – remove the larger tree, trim the smaller and send all the firewood logs to the neighbour.

At  the Wellington Cathedral of St Paul, the maintenance committee wanted the tree overhanging the sign – and the corner of Hill and Molesworth streets – removed. 

We removed the small branches to green waste and cut the remainder of the tree into handy firewood logs. The ringbark patterns on the trunk and branches are signs of past attention from a kaka.

The stump was ground below the surface,

to complete the job.

Images copyright Richard McIntosh & David Carman 2015-2019